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Health and Safety Training
The Introduction to Cyber Security

ETD Training is delighted to announce the release of the latest online course; Cyber Security to its online training portal.

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more common. Since the global coronavirus pandemic, cyber attacks have increased second fold! security breaches have increased by 11% within the last 12 months and 67% since 2014

Daniel Stevenson
Safety extra low voltage – SELV

The safety isolating transformer will have the identification mark as shown below

SELV is separated extra low voltages. However, SELV is described as safety extra low voltage in appliance standards, such as BS EN 60335 and separated Extra low voltage in installation standards, for example BS 7671.

Daniel Stevenson
An introduction to GDPR: storing and processing data

We all have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), even after Brexit. This is because GDPR doesn’t only apply to businesses in the EU. The regulations also apply to organisations outside the EU who wish to trade or provide services to companies, organisations or people within the EU.

GDPR applies to both personal data and sensitive personal data. The legislation sets out data protection principles and highlights all responsibilities for organisations.

Daniel Stevenson
Protecting Your Workplace Team From Fire

So, what is a fire, exactly? Okay, the answer to this might seem simple at a first glance. But it’s more complicated than you might think.

Put simply, fire is heat and light energy released from a combustion reaction. For this reaction to happen, we need three things: fuel, oxygen and heat. These elements make up the fire triangle. When there is enough fuel, oxygen and heat together, this will result in a fire. If you remove one of these elements, you can eventually kill a fire. And if these elements don’t come into contact with each other, you won’t get a fire at all.

Daniel Stevenson
How To Make Your Work and Home ‘Green Friendly’

As awareness of the dangers surrounding global warming grows, more people and companies are starting to tackle this planet-wide challenge. However, our efforts aren’t yet enough. Nonetheless, there are simple steps we can take to reduce our impact on the environment. For this to work, everyone must make a united effort, whether you’re making changes at home or in the workplace.

Daniel Stevenson
Your Responsibilities When Working at Heights

Whether you’re working on a kick stool, ladder or crane, you have certain responsibilities when working above ground level. These responsibilities apply whether you’re working a couple of feet off the floor or even hundreds of metres off the floor.

So, what are the main responsibilities of employers, duty holders and employees when it comes to working above ground level? How can you stay safe and protect others?

Daniel Stevenson
ETD Training Launches Latest Course: Vibration (HAVS)

ETD Training is delighted to announce the addition of the Vibration (HAVS) course to its online training portal.

This course will introduce you to the causes and symptoms of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). By completing this course, you will become familiar with the manifestations of HAVS, how to reduce exposure to vibrations under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations and how to perform suitable risk assessments.

Daniel Stevenson
ETD’s Display Screen Equipment Course Shows You the Importance of Exercise… in the Office?
Typically, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affect the back, shoulders, neck and limbs. As the most common occupational illness, over 1 million people tackle MSDs in the UK each year. These disorders come in many forms, such as ‘tennis elbow’ or ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’, and can be the result of bad posture, overexertion of the back, poor working environments or repetitive movement.
Daniel Stevenson
ETD Training Launches Latest Course: Noise Awareness
ETD Training is delighted to announce the addition of the Noise Awareness course to its online training portal. The aim of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 places a duty on employers in Great Britain to reduce noise-related risks to their employees’ health by controlling the noise they are exposed to at work.
Daniel Stevenson
Embracing Diversity in the Workplace
The key to diversity is that we aren’t the same – and this is a good thing. Everybody is different but should be treated with equal dignity and respect. The idea that equality is about treating all people the same is outdated. Instead, diversity is about valuing and embracing our differences, spanning from gender and age to race, disability, religious belief and beyond.
Daniel Stevenson
Staged Crashes… Are You Part of the Hustle?
Criminal staged crashes are unfortunately becoming more common. Drivers of fleet vehicles are often targeted as gangs know these vehicles are likely fully insured and that fleet-vehicle drivers are less likely to ask questions as they are not the vehicle owners.
Daniel Stevenson
ETD Training Launches Infection Prevention and Control (COVID -19) Course
ETD Training is delighted to announce the addition of its latest course to its award-winning online training portal. As we find ourselves in the middle of the worst pandemic in modern history, the Infection Prevention and Control (COVID-19) Course has arrived at a pivotal time. Luckily, ETD can help companies (and their staff) with valuable knowledge about viruses, especially COVID-19, and how to deal with such viruses.
Daniel Stevenson