As a provider of online health and safety training, Shropshire-based ETD Training's mission is to safeguard workplaces across all industrial and business sectors. Our aim is to help protect you and your organisation, ensuring that your employees know - and fully understand - workplace health and safety requirements; reducing risk in your place of work. Our online training will also save you valuable time, and money; eliminating the hassle of getting all your employees in one place at the same time, and travel expenses if employees need to travel somewhere else to receive training. ETD's health and safety training online can be done any place, any time, as long as you have an internet connection. Our online training system is fully mobile responsive and will work on any portable device.


ETD's health and safety e-learning - made by employers, for employers.

At ETD we pride ourselves on supplying high quality health and safety training online that is:





We are paving the way in health and safety training online through the use of avatar technology to boost engagement and retention. An avatar functions as a communications interface linking a user with the information the user needs. Research shows that avatars can be beneficial to e-learners by giving them a person to connect with (effectively standing in for a human instructor in a more traditional setting). The avatar can present material in a more conversational tone, that will further engage learners and encourage knowledge retention.

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