Protecting Your Workplace Team From Fire

So, what is a fire, exactly? Okay, the answer to this might seem simple at a first glance. But it’s more complicated than you might think.

Put simply, fire is heat and light energy released from a combustion reaction. For this reaction to happen, we need three things: fuel, oxygen and heat. These elements make up the fire triangle. When there is enough fuel, oxygen and heat together, this will result in a fire. If you remove one of these elements, you can eventually kill a fire. And if these elements don’t come into contact with each other, you won’t get a fire at all.


The Fire Triangle

In most everyday situations, two of these three elements are present. This means it might be easier for a fire to start than we originally thought. For example, we might be stacking paper in a storeroom, providing fuel for a potential fire. Perhaps the window is open, providing unlimited oxygen. All we need now is heat. In this case, there would be a high risk of a fire occurring. What’s more, this heat could come easily come from a radiator, a match or – in extreme circumstances – the sun.

More often than not, we are only one step away from a potential fire. Therefore, you need to be able to identify all sources of fuel, heat and oxygen in your workplace. Above all, you must be able to ensure none of these three elements ever come into close proximity. 


ETD’s Fire Safety Course

To learn how to prevent fires and keep your team safe in the event of a fire, you can complete ETD’s online Fire Safety Course . Follow these five simple steps to get started.

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·         Purchase your user accounts using the online Elavon platform.

·         For company accounts, create your user accounts (using unique usernames) and “activate” each user by pressing the “activate” button.

·         Purchase your online training by selecting the courses that you require. Ticking a course will instantly assign it to the user’s account.

·         Once the courses have been assigned, single users can access the course under “my courses”. Company users can log into their account, go to “my courses” and start the training.

If you require any assistance with the online training, then please contact our support team , who will be happy to help.