Fire Safety

Basic Fire Safety

All employees need sufficient fire training to prevent the outbreak of a workplace fire. 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all workplaces and requires employers to provide adequate fire awareness training. That’s why ETD has developed its highly effective online Fire Safety Course for all workers. This training delves into the fire triangle, fire safety tips and information about who is in charge when a fire breaks out. 

All members of staff must understand these principles to keep everyone safe. ETD has designed this simple training to help you avoid workplace fires, which can destroy premises and lead to the devastating loss of jobs and revenue. In fact, fires cost businesses millions of pounds from loss of income and damage to property each year. Prevention is key to avoiding the destruction that comes with fire. ETD’s course will help you to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors.

What does the course cover?

  • The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005
  • The Fire Triangle
  • Fire Prevention
  • Detecting a blaze at work

Fire Safety Training Outcomes

  • Legislation associated with fire safety and workplace safety
  • Different types of fire
  • Causes of fires
  • Preventing fires
  • How to use fire extinguishers and contain fires
  • Assessing fire risk – download ETD’s free risk assessment forms

Course Modules

  • Welcome to your Fire Safety Course
  • Fire safety
  • Interactive activities
  • The law
  • Legally required signs
  • Summary and final exam

Test & Certification

At the end of the fire training, you will be given a 20-question, multiple-choice test. The required pass rate is 85%. You will be able to download and print a digital certificate on completion of the course. This certificate is valid for three years, at which point we recommend you take the Fire Safety Refresher Course every 12 months.


Main Course: Approximately 40 minutes (excluding time taken for the final exams). 

Complete your fire training from anywhere at any time, whether at home or in the workplace.

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