Has your workforce received sufficient noise training? Noise exposure can cause temporary hearing problems, permanent hearing deterioration and complete deafness. 

Noise can also cause distraction and distress, which can heavily affect employee performance. Staff
exposed to noise, whether as a one-off or continuously, must receive the training and protective equipment that they need to stay safe.

What does the course cover?

  • The causes of hearing damage
  • How noise is measured
  • How employers can protect employees against noise exposure in the workplace
  • The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Noise Training Outcomes

  • Know your responsibilities for controlling or eliminating noise
  • Know what all the noise exposure limits are set by the regulations
  • Know the difference between an " An 'A-weighting' and A 'C-weighting' measurements

Course Modules

  • Who Enforces the Regulations?
  • How is noised measured
  • Risk assessments
  • What are the risks from noise
  • Exposure limit values

Test & Certification

At the end of the ladder training, you will be given a multiple-choice test. The required pass rate is 85%. You will be able to download and print a digital certificate on completion of the course. This certificate is valid for three years.


Main Course: Approximately 28 minutes (excluding time taken for the final exam). 

Complete your training from anywhere at any time, whether at home or in the workplace.