New E-Learning Courses to Support Those Working in Care Environments

Shropshire’s leading e-learning providers, ETD Training, are teaming up with a specialised charity, Cintre, which focuses on support services tailored for adults with Learning Disabilities, Complex Mental Health Needs and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This alliance will see the development of a number of online courses, each designed to develop caregivers’ knowledge in all areas of safe practice when working with vulnerable service users. Located in and around Bristol, Cintre’s foremost aim is to support those in need so that they can lead independent lives. 

Claire Mould, CEO of Cintre, highlights the benefits of this collaboration: “Whilst there are many training courses out there, finding ones that suitably address the depth and diversity of areas that we have to cover can be enormously challenging. We are delighted to have the opportunity to team up with ETD to write bespoke courses that provide an effective way of not only ensuring Cintre employees and volunteers receive the most fit-for-purpose training, but also that this training can be rolled out across the sector.” 


Claire Mould - CEO of Cintre

Bespoke Training in Safeguarding 

The collaboration will initially provide Cintre Support Workers with bespoke educational courses that offer detailed training in safeguarding for individuals who have a learning disability and/or complex mental health needs, as well as for others who have Dementia. Further projects will involve creating training courses to raise awareness about mental health in the workplace and the current supporting legislation for this. 

These bespoke training courses will be aided by the chair of Cintre, Alison Webber, who also works for Bespoke Consultancy & Education Ltd (BCE). BCE cover Apprenticeships & Training through the social care sector. On the topic of the collaboration with ETD, Alison said: “I am really excited to be involved in this project. There is a real need to have people who deliver services involved in the creation of learning programmes.” 


Alison Webber - Chair of Cintre

Cintre will also be able to sell ETD’s Training courses through a branded portal, which will provide a new stream of revenue for the charity. All revenue generated by the 30+ online training courses will support the charity. 

The ETD Training Manager, Daniel Stevenson, added: “This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside Cintre and, in turn, Claire and Alison. By producing these bespoke training courses, we hope that we can improve volunteers’ and workers’ knowledge of best practice when working with vulnerable people. Working alongside Cintre, we hope to offer a long-term solution to their training requirements.” 

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About ETD Training 

Based in Clun, Shropshire, ETD Training is part of the Hospital Direct (Marketing) Group. Their health and safety e-learning programme was initially developed for the healthcare sector, and they are now consistently expanding their course library. The ETD Training team work with businesses of all sizes to create safer and healthier working environments – helping employers to establish and maintain strong and positive workplace health and safety cultures, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. ETD Training is paving the way in health and safety training through the use of avatar technology to boost engagement and retention in online courses. This technology has been psychologically proven to improve e-learners’ knowledge retention by providing simulation of face-to-face interactions with instructors.