Lockdown: The Perfect Time for Training

To be furloughed or not to be! That is the question.

Many UK employers are still unsure about furlough policies and what their rights are when it comes to furloughing staff. The main thing to keep in mind is that while furloughed employees can’t work, they can carry out training, as long as this doesn’t generate revenue for the employer. Employers have the right to ask their staff to do any necessary training while they are furloughed. Right now is a perfect time to catch up with any spare admin or training requirements needed.


ETD is here to help employers get staff trained and up-to-date with outstanding training requirements. Currently, ETD offers over 30 online, approved, health and safety training courses. During this difficult time, we are offering full access to all of our online training for just £12 + VAT per user, per account, per year.  

ETD Training Courses

You can follow our simple five-step approach to access training courses for your team.

1 – Register as a single user or as a company manager for a team at https://etdtraining.com/login. Select the “12+ VAT” payment-scheme option and enter your details to register.

2 – Purchase access for relevant staff members using the online payment gateway.

3 – Create users (using a unique username) and “activate” the training for each user.

4 – Select courses and assign courses to users.

5 – Your staff can then access their courses by logging into their user accounts. They will be able to access all assigned courses under the “My courses” tab.

If you would like your own branded portal so that your staff can complete the training “your way”, reach out to us at  https://www.etdtraining.com/contact-us  .