ETD Training

Online Health and Safety Training. Protecting your Organisation!

“ETD has reinvented the wheel of ONLINE HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAINING and is revolutionising the way employers implement the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) - protecting employers and their workforce from injury and claim”.

Benefits with ETD’s online health and safety training

Keep staff training up-to-date, year on year - with our shorter refresher courses.

Learning and understanding can be evidenced whenever required via our online management system.

Check the progress of your staff at the press of a button.

Staff can train via DVD or online and in bite sized chunks to suit your organisational time frames.

Our online health and safety training courses help you to abide by the HSWA and therefore, after year 1's full course or after years 2/3 refresher course, you will benefit from a well-trained and motivated workforce committed to ensuring that their work environment is safe, well run and productive.

ETD's online health and safety training reduces downtime; we offer you the most cost and time efficient way to train your staff in mandatory subjects.

Comply with legislation in an innovative and easy to learn fashion.

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The HSWA 1974 may appear to be a mine field, but training and protecting your workforce in required legislation really is so much more educational and enjoyable with our online management system. This system has been created to ensure maximum ease for you whilst significantly reducing downtime.

ETD Training was created by an employer, for employers. As our system has progressed, so has the way we help you to abide by with the HSWA. For you, it is now quicker and simpler. Covering the five mandatory courses, every one of your employees can become compliant with the HSWA in approximately 40 minutes. Each year your employees can undertake refresher courses in around 10 minutes. Once the individual has completed the course, he/she will be provided with certificates, proving compliance.

How you benefit from the HSWA 1974:

Our online health and safety training, continues to reduce workplace injuries – saving UK organisations billions of pounds a year.

We are committed to reduce both the risk of injury to staff and potential claims against organisations, benefitting both the employer and employee. With ETD's e-learning, your entire organisation can rest assured knowing that the training - interactive, comprehensive and manageable - meets all criteria set by legislation.